When looking at kindergarten options for my first child, TMCK was the most outstanding choice for our family. We were drawn to the homely, welcoming family feel of the space. Not only in its physical sense, but in the caring nature of staff which were introduced to us in play group sessions.

We liked that it was a place of play (no uniforms, bells, or long hours and several noisy sterile rooms) and a place for children to foster learning through play. 

Our children love the outdoor environment, the warm gentle staff, and endless activities that engage and develop them.

Cathy Clifford

Current Parent (2022), Parent from 2021 and Exec committee member 2021

Our time at tmckindy has been a wonderful experience and a great start to our daughter education experience, and developing friendships with other children and teachers. The culture of learning, nature and community with a particular focus on where we live, has had a really positive influence on our daughter and was very rewarding as a parent and committee member to support the teachers and help shape what the kindy represents and delivers. The teachers input and attention to Chloes development was very insightful and helped us quite a bit.


Parent from 2021 and Exec committee member 2021


Our daughter has blossomed since going to Tamborine Mountain Kindergarten. The educators are consistently enthusiastic and kind, and create an environment that is stimulating, safe, welcoming and nurturing. Our daughter comes home glowing and full of stories about all the things she’s done and learnt. We highly recommend Tamborine Mountain Kindergarten.


Parent from 2022

I learnt about TMCK through the mountain mums network and our nature playgroup. With such positive reviews and enthusiasm to enrol my twin boys; I had to absolutely investigate and upon arrival we immediately felt at home.

Not only is the setting at Coleman Square so beautiful, we were welcomed with big smiles and open arms by the kids [many who the boys already knew from playgroup and daycare] and the staff we had just met.

Jack and Charlie ran off straight away to play in the fort without a care in the world.

In my mind, it felt like the community kindergarten I had attended in my own small town growing up 40 years ago, and the teachers had the same genuine enthusiasm and love for teaching and nurturing kids. I was sold!

Attending the playgroup and open days prior to the boys starting this year made the transition to big kindy so easy for everyone.

Jack and Charlie love going to kindy each week, and I feel blessed that they will have such a good grounding to start primary school in 2023.

It has been my privilege to take over as the President of TMCK to support our beautiful staff and families in fostering a love of learning in such a wonderful environment.

It is our collective aim to continue to make a positive difference in improving our kindy for future generations of Tamborine Mountain kids.

Penny Gale

Mother to Jack and Charlie Loomes, Group A